Waiting List Information

When will the HCV waiting list open?

The HCV waiting list will open Monday, March 4, 2024 at 8:30 am and close on Friday, March 15, 2024 at 3:00 pm.

Where can I get a pre-application and where can I apply?

We’ve streamlined the process so you can apply in a 10 minute visit to our pre-application portal accessible on this website.  You will be able to access, complete, review, and submit your pre-application through this portal. That’s all there is to it! Please note the pre-application portal will go live when the wait list opens on March 4, 2024 at 8:30 am.

Can I come to the OPHA office to apply?

No. You can only apply through our online pre-application portal accessible on this website.  Applying online is the easiest, quickest, and most efficient way for you to apply and it allows you to apply anytime – day or night – while the waiting list is open.

 What if I don’t have a computer?

Not a problem.  The OPHA’s pre-application portal is designed to  work with a variety of electronic touch-screen devices including tablets and cell phones.  The online portal is secure so you don’t need to worry about using a friend’s or family member’s device to apply.

I will need a reasonable accommodation and assistance in filling out the online pre-application.  Where can I find that assistance?

If you are a person with disabilities or elderly and require a reasonable accommodation and assistance in completing and submitting your online pre-application, you can call our special assistance phone line at 708-386-1464, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, March 4th  through March 14th and from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm on March 15th.  Our special assistance team will schedule an appointment for you at a later time during the open waiting period and assist you in completing and submitting your pre-application.

I see that the waiting list will be open for 12 days.  Are my chances for being selected for placement on the waiting list greater if I apply on day one vs. day five?

No. This isn’t like the airlines where being the first to check in gives you a greater chance of getting the seat you want.  Because of our random selection process, you can apply at anytime on any day the  waiting list is open and your chances of being selected remain the same.  Each and every eligible pre-application submitted during the open waiting list period is included in the random selection.

How can I determine if I am income-eligible to apply?

Your eligibility is based on your annual income and household size.  If your  household annual income is at or below the income limits listed below, you are eligible to apply.


















Does the OPHA give preferences?

Yes, the OPHA gives preferences to very low-income households who are:

  • Legal residents of Oak Park; or
  • Currently employed 30 hours or more per week in the Village of Oak Park; or
  • Hired to work 30 hours or more per week in the Village of Oak Park