Board Meetings, Minutes and Agenda

The Oak Park Housing Authority (OPHA) is an Illinois Municipal Corporation established in 1946 to assist low-income residents and families in finding affordable housing.

The Oak Park Housing Authority’s seven-member Board of Commissioners is appointed by Oak Park’s Village President, and each commissioner serves a five-year term. The members of OPHA’s current Board of Commissioners are:

  • David David Kralik, Chair
  • Shenita Muse, Vice-Chair
  • Andrew Teitelman, Secretary
  • Kate Walz, Commissioner
  • David Kelm, Commissioner
  • Sandeep Sood, Commissioner
  • Stephanie Socall, Commissioner


01/12/21 – 7:45am via Zoom Meeting

02/09/21 – 7:45am via Zoom Meeting

03/09/21 – 7:45am via Zoom Meeting

04/13/21 – 7:45am via Zoom Meeting

05/11/21 – 7:45am via Zoom Meeting

06/08/21 – 7:45am via Zoom Meeting

07/13/21 – 7:45am at Mills Park Tower

08/10/21 – 7:45am via Zoom Meeting

09/14/21 – 7:45am at Mills Park Tower

10/12/21 – 7:45am at Mills Park Tower

11/09/21 – 7:45am at Mills Park Tower

12/14/21 – 7:45am at Mills Park Tower