Overview & Mission

The Oak Park Housing Authority (OPHA) is an Illinois municipal corporation that was established in 1946 to provide housing for returning veterans of World War II. Today, the OPHA acts as the public housing authority for the Village of Oak Park, administering various federal programs to assist Oak Park’s low-income population in accessing quality affordable housing.

One of the programs the OPHA administers is the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program (formerly known as the Section 8 Housing Program). This Federally funded program provides rent payment subsidies that enable individuals and income-qualified families to lease privately owned rental housing. Approximately 225 property owners participate in the HCV Program and 550 Oak Park families are being assisted.

The OPHA also owns and operates rental housing that is specifically designed to serve Oak Park’s low-income senior population.  Mills Park Tower provides 198 senior housing units. The residents of this building  receive Federal rent subsidies under HUD’s Public Housing and Multi-family Housing Programs.