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Deborah"Not only does the HCV Program promote revenue, employment and housing, but family, community and opportunity. I am grateful to the staff and crew that helped to make a beautiful apartment from two small dingy spaces for my large family."

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October 2008

How to transfer your Housing Choice Voucher from another Housing Authority to the Village of Oak Park

If you wish to transfer your Housing Choice Voucher from another Housing Authority to the Village of Oak Park, please call your present Housing Authority and have the following information sent to the Oak Park Housing Authority:

  1. Current Voucher
  2. Family Portability Information - HUD Form 52665
  3. Family Report - HUD Form 50058 and related verification information and income and asset documents
  4. Birth certificates and Social Security cards for all household members

After we have received the above information from your Housing Authority, you may attend one of our Portability Briefings. Portability Briefings are held the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month and begin at 9:00 a.m. Please be on time. No one will be admitted to the briefing after 9:00 a.m.

Our Office is located at 21 South Boulevard in Oak Park, Illinois, just west of Austin Boulevard and on the south side of the CTA's elevated Green Line train.

Again, please be prompt so that we can assist you with your transfer. Due to the length of the briefings, we ask that you do not bring children.

Due to the restriction of funding, the Oak Park Housing Authority is not absorbing any portable vouchers at this time. The Oak Park Housing Authority will bill the housing authority you are porting from. Our current Payment Standards can be viewed on this website.

To assist you in your search for housing with the Village of Oak Park, you may contact or visit the Oak Park Regional Housing Center, 1041 South Blvd., Oak Park, IL, (708) 848-7150. Their website is