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Deborah"Not only does the HCV Program promote revenue, employment and housing, but family, community and opportunity. I am grateful to the staff and crew that helped to make a beautiful apartment from two small dingy spaces for my large family."

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October 2006

Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List FAQ

Question: Is it too late to submit a pre-application?

Answer: Yes. The waiting list closed on March 19, 2004. Pre-applications were not accepted if postmarked after March 19, 2004.

Question: I submitted a pre-application. When will I receive a response?

Answer: Applicants were notified of their status on October 19, 2005. Letters were mailed to the applicants who were placed on the waiting list, giving them their status and the approximate dates they would be serviced by the Oak Park Housing Authority.

Question: What do I do if my address changes?

Answer: Notify us immediately in writing of your new address. Please include your Social Security number and date of birth on all correspondence.

Question: What do I do if my status changes (additional income, family compositon, etc.)?

Answer: Nothing. Notify us in writing only if your address changes.

Question: I claimed a Residency Preference and I no longer have the preference. What should I do?

Answer: Nothing. However, when your name reaches the top of the waiting list and you are serviced by the Oak Park Housing Authority, you will need to provide absolute proof that you qualified for the Residency Preference at the time you submitted the pre-application. Absolute proof includes, but is not limited to; old leases, old utility bills, old school records, old check stubs, and old IDs. If your Residency Preference has changed because you moved, you need to immediately notify in writing the Oak Park Housing Authority of your new address.

Question: When will the waiting list re-open?

Answer: Unfortunately, we are unable to determine when our waiting list will re-open. We expect the waiting list to remain closed for several years. When the waiting list re-opens, public announcement will be made through the local and minority newspapers and our website.